Tuesday, October 27, 2015

19 commandments from Maria Montessori to help you become the perfect parent

Maria Montessori is one of the small number of pedagogues who helped revolutionise how we think about raising children during the twentieth century. She was well known for formulating short but memorable commandments for parents. They are all essentially straightforward, but nevertheless contain a huge amount of wisdom. We recommend reading the following at least once a year.
  1. Children learn from what surrounds them.
  2. If a child is often criticised, it learns how to condemn others.
  3. If a child is often praised, it learns how to evaluate others.
  4. If a child is shown hostility, it will learn to fight.
  5. If you are honest with a child, it will learns the meaning of fairness.
  6. If a child is too often derided, he becomes shy.
  7. If a child feels safe, it learns to trust people.
  8. If a child is too often made to feel shame, it will learn to always feel guilty.
  9. If a child is given frequent encouragement, it will have high self-esteem.
  10. If a child is condescended to, it will learn patience.
  11. If a child is given support, it will be confident.
  12. If a child lives in an atmoshpere of friendship and feels that others need it, it will learn how to find love.
  13. Never speak badly of a child, in its presence or otherwise.
  14. Concentrate on nurturing the good in a child. That way, there will be no place left in it for the bad.
  15. Always listen to and answer a child’s questions or requests should it approach you.
  16. Respect a child even when it makes a mistake. It will be able to correct its error soon enough.
  17. Always be ready to help a child who requires assistance, and to stand aside when it’s found everything it needs.
  18. Help a child to master things early. This can be done by making sure the world around it is filled with affection, peace, and love.
  19. Always display the best manners to a child. Show it how to be the best it can be.

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