Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How To Use Bar Modelling To Solve Problem Sums

Seriously Addictive Mathematics Bar Modelling Video Tutorial
Do you have trouble teaching your child the bar modelling method? Here are some easy video tutorials from Seriously Addictive Maths to help you.
1. Introduction to Bar Modelling: Using it to solve arithmetic problem sums

2. Fractions: How to use the bar model method to solve fractions problem sums?

3. Ratio: How do you use the bar model method to solve ratio problem sums?

4. Percentage: Using the bar modelling method to solve problem sums on percentage

5. Basic Math Concepts: How to use the bar modeling method to solve skip counting, number line (more than), place values, multiplication, division and fractions questions

For more Math tutorial videos on bar modelling, follow Seriously Addictive MathematicsFacebook Page.

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