Saturday, January 3, 2015

Getting Your Child Ready for the 1st Day of School

Before the First Day

1. Talk, talk, talk......
     • About the school/ class -- principal, teachers, classmates
     • About the classroom -- settings, subjects, activities
     • About outside the classroom -- washroom, canteen, field
     • About social skills -- making new friends
     • About your own school experiences
     • Get your child talking about his/ her expectations or fears

2.    Attend school orientation/ tour and talks

3.    Go shopping together
     • Buy school supplies together -- books, stationery, school uniforms, shoes/ socks, etc

4.    Get into routines
     • Time to sleep/ Time to awake
     • Packing bag 
            -- pack light 
            -- follow school time-table
     • Fixed place for school uniform, shoes, socks etc

5.    When on the bus......
     • Safety matters
     • Do a dry-run about route, etc 
A prepared child is a less anxious child.

On the First Day

1.  Get up early
       -- have a good and relaxed breakfast

2.   Normalise your child's feelings of nervousness and worry

3.   Focus on fun 
       -- make getting ready fun!

4.   Parents
       -- pass your child an encouraging note
       -- hold back your tears / do not cry in front of your child

After the First Day

1.   Keep placing notes in your child's lunchbox, purse/ wallet etc

2.   Find out from your child about school 
    • recess, PE, music,  friends, teachers, studies etc

3.   Create spots at home 
    • for study 
    • to keep school bag

4.   Empty school bag daily

5.   Check school diary for details of homework, communications to parents

6.   Homework 
    • help your child study     
    • monitor homework assignments      
    • provide guidance / encouragement 

7.   Reading 
    • making reading a priority   
    • read to your child / ask your child to read to you  
    • keep reading materials nearby   
    • visit the library   
    • be a reading role-model

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