Tuesday, August 6, 2013

School Vacancies by Phases — Phase 2C Supplementary (as at 6 August 2013)

What a disappointing day. We went to the school early for the P1 balloting for children staying within a kilometer, and we did not get the place. Sigh. All surrounding numbers were picked and not our numbers. It's New Town and Queenstown left. I hope they do not need to ballot, as we are definitely two kilometers away.


SchoolMother TongueTotal VacancyPlaces Taken Up atVacancy for Phase 2C (Supp)
ChineseMalayTamilPhase 1Phase 2A1Phase 2A2Phase 2BPhase 2C
New Town Primary SchoolYesYesYes24075011210745
Queenstown Primary SchoolYesYesYes2406901408374

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