Friday, March 2, 2012

Atocare EP-880 is here!!!

Yeah! my Atocare EP-880 is here!  So excited about my new toy, and see how it performs. *SmiLe*

I started cleaning my kids bed, my bed, my sofa etc, then move on to my in-laws place and then my parents place. Yes, helping a spring cleaning after Chinese New Year. But it's never too late when you see the amount of "dirts, dusts, fibre" that it sucked out after each use.

This is one of my best buy so far.  Just an illustration below, below is the pics from my first use.
New Filter before assembled.

Cover after using to clean the mattresses

Filter choked with dirts after using after cleaning the matresses.

I'm glad that i bought this vacuum cleaner. What an accomplishment... though embarrassing to share...


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  2. Does it come with the English manual of the Atocare EP-880, or only korean manual?
    or do you receive the e-copy of the presentation of the EP-505 (10 pages)?

    1. Visit Website:

      The EP505 Mama comes with English Manual.

  3. Hi May I know if the machine can be used in Malaysia? the power voltage says 220V but Malaysia is 240V?

  4. Do you have the English Manual for EP880?