Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to teach your child about Stranger-Danger

Here are some practical rules to teach your child :
1. Your child does not need to know the scary and nightmare-inducing details that comes along with being abducted by a stranger. However it is needed that you clearly explain what is the term stranger.
2. Explain clearly to your child that a stranger is anyone who has not been introduced by you to your child. Once a responsible adult that a child know (like a teacher, relative etc), the person is no longer a stranger.
3. Teach your child that she may only talk to a stranger when you/a caregiver is with him/her, or when you tell her it is ok.
4. Tell your child to never share personal details with a stranger, like where she lives or where she goes to school.
5. Teach your child never to go anywhere with a stranger (or for some instances, a relative or a friend), unless the caregiver or  parents allow it. Also parents/caregivers need to be know where the child is at all times.
6. Let her understand that you will never allow a stranger whom she doesn’t know to bring her to you. Especially when your child is approached by a stranger or when the stranger says, "Come follow me, I will bring you to your mommy."
7. Do not take anything – sweets / candies / gifts from a stranger
8. Stay close to parents in a large space or in a crowded place, or within a visual range where parents can see him.
9. If your child get lost, teach him to approach a staff behind an information counter or a policeman/security guard to call you. It will be helpful if the child knows your mobile number by memory.

Do try practicing these rules with your child through role-playing scenarios and make sure that he/she understands that it is absolutely essential that he follows through these rules. Keep your child safe by providing them with the necessary knowledge, only then you will be able to teach them how to be aware and alert to the dangers in public places.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Atocare EP-880 is here!!!

Yeah! my Atocare EP-880 is here!  So excited about my new toy, and see how it performs. *SmiLe*

I started cleaning my kids bed, my bed, my sofa etc, then move on to my in-laws place and then my parents place. Yes, helping a spring cleaning after Chinese New Year. But it's never too late when you see the amount of "dirts, dusts, fibre" that it sucked out after each use.

This is one of my best buy so far.  Just an illustration below, below is the pics from my first use.
New Filter before assembled.

Cover after using to clean the mattresses

Filter choked with dirts after using after cleaning the matresses.

I'm glad that i bought this vacuum cleaner. What an accomplishment... though embarrassing to share...