Friday, December 16, 2011

Philip Airfryer? Buy or not?

Recently, I've got a chance to try out Philip AirFryer before buying one. I was so excited about frying without oil and without mess. Before you start wondering where i get it from, i borrowed it from a friend. 
Dishes Tried:
1.       Onion Rings from supermarket
-          Taste great! Crunchy on the crust
2.        Fish ball from market (fried type)
-          looks exactly like fried fish ball from wok, with no oil added
3.       Sotong Ball (frozen fromm supermarket)
-          It bloated up, but shrink (become quite ugly) after it cooled down - taste, ok.
4.       Nuggets (from supermarket)
-          Taste ok, not as good as fried.
-          Takes very long for it to become golden colour.
5.       Home-made french fries from potato
-          followed the instruction, cut a potato, soak it, dry it, mix abit of oil, and put into the fryer
-          Taste more like wedges then fries.
-          Disappointed.
6.       Home-made Ngoh Hiang (Wu xiang)
-          No oil added : Skin very dry, not crispy, not fragrant
-          Added oil: skin cruchy, more fragrant. But, still a distant from the taste of fried with oil. 
7.       Home prepared fried chicken drumlet
-          too dry
-          Doesn’t taste fried.
-          Disappointed.
8.        Home prepared Pork Chop / Beef steak
-          taste flat
-          have problem finish them
-          Usually, fried from pan, they taste great.
-          Added oil subsequently, but nothing near frying in pan. 
My conclusion after trying is that I'll not buy it. Received as a gift, it's alright. 
1) Healthier 
2) Mess free 
3) Easy to clean up
4) Good for small portions preparation. 

1) Take much longer compare to frying. (Air fryer takes average 15-25 minutes, whereas using oil to fry might take less than 5-10 minutes.) 
2) Waste lots of electricity. 
3) Home prepared food doesn't taste as great as frying. However, with food purchase from supermarket that was pre-fried, they taste good. 
4) Have problem preparing food for a party. Have to do them by batches. Too slow to prepare the food. 
Fish balls and Sotong balls will be inflated, so don't fry too many at a go. I did that and those on top were burnt by the "coil" 

 Hope this review helps. If you have recipes that work, do share with me.


  1. Great !! Thanks for sharing information...specially those on Genie shop

  2. I am extremely impressed with the results I got using the Oil-less air fryer from Bizarkdeal! I was not sure what to expect to be honest as I was skeptical of how this would actually work. To my surprise, it works amazingly!! It fried my chicken to be crispy and moist as if I fried it in a pan of oil except without the use of ANY oil! Never knew this was possible and glad that I found this and decided to try it out. Excited to try many different types of food with it!