Saturday, November 12, 2011

Decision Making...

This was another interesting post that I saw on letting your kids making decision as much as possible.

I consciously let my boy decide things on his own as much as possible. This is so apparent that sometimes I received curious questions from friends, parents and even teachers. The two common questions are:

"But aren't they too young to know how to decide?"

"But what if they make the wrong decision?"

Personally, I think children have the ability to decide even way before they can talk. If a child has difficulty in deciding, we can do our part by guiding him, providing more information, or giving him more time to decide.

As for the second question, seriously, in the first place do we ourselves make the "right" decision all the time?

A wrong decision is a good lesson learned. The child would then learn about consequence. He would learn about taking responsibility for his own action.

There are not many instances where a wrong decision spells disaster. One day, when the time finally comes when a crucial decision is to be made, the child (probably by then an adult) would then have accumulated enough experience to make a wise choice.

Decision making is an important life skill that cannot be learned from textbooks.

When your child makes his own decision, he is applying critical thinking. He learns
to assess information. He learns more about himself. You learn more about him too.

If your child misses an opportunity to decide on his own, and always follows your plan, you might have avoided the inconvenience caused if he was allowed to decide but his decision happened to be incongruent to your expectation, but you also lose an opportunity to observe how he makes his choice. From the way he decides, you could get a glimpse into his value system, his priorities, and through this you might attain a better understanding of your own child. You may be surprised, but it's better that you get surprised sooner than later.

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