Monday, November 7, 2011

Categorisation of parenting styles

Here's a facebook posting from my friend.

A well-known categorisation of parenting styles, as identified by several researchers such as Maccoby and Martin, Diana Baumrind, etc, independently but with their findings overlapped, are: authoritarian, permissive, authoritative and indifferent. 

(There are alternative labels, such as totalitarian for authoritarian, indulgent for permissive, uninvolved/neglectful for indifferent.)

These 4 styles are usually placed on two dimensions: (1) demanding/undemanding, and (2) responsive/unresponsive, as shown:

Authoritative: Demanding and responsive
Authoritarian: Demanding and unresponsive
Indulgent: Undemanding and responsive
Neglectful: Undemanding and unresponsive

Certainly, in general not every parent falls neatly under one category. Some span more than a style. Some adopt a primary style, but switch to an alternative style under certain circumstances.

Besides the above categorisation, other styles identified are: overparenting, helicopter parenting, attachment parenting, strict parenting, etc.

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