Friday, September 16, 2011

Selecting a Kindergarten

These are some questions you might like to ask yourself when selecting a kindergarten for your child. It would also be advisable to visit the kindergarten and meet the principal to find out more about the environment of the kindergarten, its programme and teachers.


  1. Is the kindergarten accessible?

    To obtain information about the location of kindergartens, you may either go to:

Legal Status of Kindergarten

  1. Is the kindergarten registered with the Ministry of Education?

    The Certificate of Registration should be displayed in a prominent place in the kindergarten. If the certificate is not displayed in the kindergarten, do ask the Principal to show you a copy of the certificate to ensure that your child is enrolled in a registered kindergarten.

    You can also refer to the list of registered kindergartens at “Find a Kindergarten”.


  1. Is the principal qualified / experienced?

    By Jan 2006, all pre-school principals are required to have a Diploma in Pre-school - Teaching (DPE-T) and a Diploma in Pre-school Education - Leadership (DPE-L) or equivalent, as well as at least two years of relevant experience in the pre-school sector.

    For information on principals’ qualifications, you may wish to refer to“Kindergarten Profile” on our website.

  2. Does the kindergarten practise self-appraisal?

    Annual self-appraisal enables the kindergarten to work towards self-improvement and to raise the quality of education it provides.

    For information on kindergartens practicing self-appraisal, you may wish to refer to “Kindergarten Profile” on our website.


  1. Are the teachers qualified / experienced / caring?

    By Jan 2008, all registered pre-school teachers are required to be trained to at least the Certificate in Pre-school Teaching (CPT) level. In addition, 1 in 4 registered teachers is required to be trained to the diploma level.

    For information on teachers’ qualifications, you may wish to refer to“Kindergarten Profile” on our website.


  1. Does the kindergarten conduct actvities according to the children’s interests, abilities and needs?

    You may wish to refer to “A Framework for a Kindergarten Curriculum in Singapore” (2.8mb .pdf) for more details on kindergarten curriculum. It is also useful to talk to the principal to find out more about the kindergarten’s programme.

Class Size

  1. What is the class size?

    A small class allows more interaction between the teacher and the children.

    Nursery classes are recommended to have 1 teacher and 1 teacher aide to 15 children. K1 classes should have a maximum of 20 children to 1 teacher while K2 classes should have a maximum of 25 children to 1 teacher. Eligible kindergartens who receive MOE subsidy are required to meet the pupil-teacher ratio of 20 to 1 for K2 classes.

    In addition, pupil enrolment in each session should not exceed the approved Accommodation Capacity (AC) which is proportionate to the available floor area.

    For information on pupil enrolment and AC, you may wish to refer to“Kindergarten Profile” on our website.

Hygiene, Health and Safety

  1. How does the kindergarten ensure the safety and cleanliness of its premises, toys and equipment?

    Does the kindergarten have procedures in place for the protection of children against communicable diseases?

    The kindergarten should provide a clean, safe and secure environment. It may be useful to visit the kindergarten to have a look at its environment and to talk to the principal on these matters.

    To find out more: