Friday, June 10, 2011

thumb vs pacifier

It's always a mental torture for mummy when the new born keeps crying? How to stop them crying? Pacifier? thumb sucker? drive them out for a ride? carry and pat them? Every decision made has it's pros and cons.

For my elder son, we resort to giving him a pacifier. It's a good option when i think back. At about 18 mths, we manage to get him off pacifier. How we do it? we tried the following and mostly works and he fell asleep without the pacifier. Ultimately, we told him he lost it and the end.
  • Talk to him til he sleeps
  • sing to him
  • story telling

Then come my number 2. I do not want to start him on a pacifier, so trying very hard to hold back. Anyway, he is the one who rejected the pacifier when given (cos cannot stand him crying). Then we realised that he is a thumb sucker. And i recalled that he is already a thumb sucker before he is born. During ultrason scan, he is already sucking his thumb. Then i know, it's going to be tough to stop him.. I regretted that i didn't stop him. His thumb was swollen, bled, infected with pus etc due to thumb sucking... Should have stopped him before he started. A lesson learnt but too late. now he is turning 2, and still sucks his thumb. I cannot throw it away like a pacifier... Hopefully, he will outgrow it.

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