Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Extract from KiasuParents.com on Birthday Cakes available in Singapore

Children's Birthday Cakes

The birthday cake is always the center of attraction in a birthday party. This cake sits in a place of honor, with beautiful candles glowing on top it, as we sing the “Happy Birthday” song. After the birthday song and all the oooh-and-aaah are over, it’s time to cut and taste how delicious the cake is.

Besides the taste, we also need to consider the shape, color, size and design of the birthday cake. If the birthday cake has a theme or cartoon characters, the children will definitely love it. It is better to decorate the birthday cake using the favorite color of the birthday boy or girl.

For the girls, we can choose something like Cinderella castle cake, Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, Barney, Care Bears etc. For the boys, we can pick Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, Cars, SpongeBob, Nemo and even sports theme.

Here is a list of bakery shops (with websites) in Singapore with wonderful children birthday cakes to choose from.

1. Eatzi Gourmet - http://www.eatzi.com.sg/

3D cake is available at ~$45/kg. Sponge cake is at ~$34/kg. Mousse cake is at ~$40/kg. The pricing is indeed very reasonable.

2. Bengawan Solo - http://www.bengawansolo.com.sg/

Assorted design of cartoon cream cakes at $40 - $45/kg. 3D cakes are available too. I bought this Baby Bugs cream cake for my son's 1st birthday. It was very creamy and yummy!

3. Four Leaves - http://www.fourleaves.com.sg/

Novelty cake starts from $65. The pricing is by size, instead of weight. Look at this Animals Train cake, it is so CUTE! Cartoon cakes look great too, with so many flavors to choose from.

4. Smiling Orchid - http://www.smilingorchid.com/

Their 3D cake designs are wonderful, creative and detailed. Price is from $60/kg. Use real toys as decorations. The kids will definitely love them.

5. Glad Cake - http://gladcake.blogspot.com/

This is certainly the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. Glad is really good in baking and decorating. But her schedule is quite packed now, do book in advance if you are keen.

6. Ecreativehttp://www.ecreative.com.sg/

Ecreative has the most beautiful 3D cakes. Look at this! Even the adults couldn’t resist!

Price is from ~$80/kg. Perfect for children’s birthday party, it will never fail to impress all the kiddos.

7. Emicakes - http://www.emicakes.com.sg/

Durian lovers, you come to the right place. You’ll definitely fall in love with this premium D24 durian cake. Durian cakes are also available in fanciful 3D designs.

Price is from ~$80/kg.

8. 7th Manna - http://www.7thmanna.com/

Customs 3D cakes are available.

9. Room for Desserts -http://www.roomfordessert.com.sg/

Nice 3D designs. Minimum 2kg/cake. Need to order 2 weeks in advance. Prices vary depending on the size, flavours and design. Oh, this cake is so sweet, isn’t it?

10. Sweet Secrets - http://www.sweetsecrets.com.sg/

Have a memorable birthday party with this unique photocake. Indeed very special!

Photocake is available at $40/kg.

11. Cake Avenue - http://www.cakeavenue.com/

Customized novelty cakes and elegant cup cakes available for all occasions.

12. The Patissier - http://www.thepatissier.com/

Another fantastic novelty cake design that is hard to resist. Price is from ~$100/kg.

I admire the meticulous work on each cake, making them so special. Just like a special treat from heaven.

13. Cedele - http://www.cedeledepot.com/
Customized first month cakes, classic and home-style cakes.

14. Yiling Confectionery - http://www.yilingcakes.com.sg/

15. Tempting Treats - http://temptingtreats.biz/

16. Royal Cakes - http://www.royalcakes.com/ - Halal

17. Online Cake Shop - http://www.onlinecakeshop.com/

18. Birthday Cake To Go - http://www.birthdaycaketogo.com/

19. Jia Lei Confectionery - http://www.jialei.com/

20. Prima Deli - http://www.primadeli.com/ - Halal

21. Melrose - http://www.melrose.com.sg/

22. Angie The Choice - http://www.angiethechoice.com.sg/

23. Sweetest Moments - http://www.sweetestmoments.com.sg/

24. Hot Fuchsia - http://www.hotfuchsia.com/

25. Pine Garden - http://www.pgcake.com/

26. Swensen’s Ice-Cream Cake - http://www.swensens.com.sg/ - Halal

27. Cupcake Obsessionhttp://www.cupcakeobsession.com/
Customized cakes and cup cakes for all special occasions

28. Delectable Delites - http://delectabledelites.blogspot.com/

29. Yummyumkins Cupcakes & Muffins - http://www.yummyumkins.com/ - Halal

30. Polar Puffs & Cakes - http://www.polarpuffs-cakes.com/ - Halal

31. Secret Recipe - http://www.secretrecipe.com.sg/ - Halal

32. Cherylshuen - http://cherylshuen.com/


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