Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CDA Credits Account opening letter?

2 more days before end of June, and haven't receive letter from MYCS on account opening for my elder kid who is born between 1 jan 2005 and 31 Dec 2011. What's happening? Have MCYS forgotten my kid who is entitled to the CDA credits? They are suppose to inform all eligible kids by end June 2011.

I've just called MCYS, and they mentioned that we should receive the letter in next few days. The officer mentioned that we need to fill up the letter and send it back to MCYS before they will send out another letter on account opening. And the credits will be made in one month after account opening.

Just wondering why the hassle? Shouldn't they already know which child is eligible before sending out mails to us? why do they need more information from us?

what to do? we still have to follow their "process" to get the CDA credits though it doesn't make sense to me at the moment.

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