Monday, May 23, 2011

Hot Travel Tips

by Caroline Fernandez

  • DON’T pack the naughty drawer. The only thing vibrating in the night should be your phone (and really you should turn that off). Hot-who’s-your-momma?- naughty-drawer level sex – just doesn’t happen when you travel with kids.

  • DO pack a feel-good-sexy outfit for yourself. Look hot and feel great.

  • DON’T over pack. Unless you are traveling to a remote jungle – you will probably be able to find diapers and wipes in a grocery store at your destination. Pack enough for your travel time plus a day (take it from someone who got laid over - without luggage - one family trip). Also, carry toothbrushes in your hand luggage.

  • DO take medications. Though you can get by with foreign diapers stick to the pain relievers you know and trust. I’ve had kids break bones and get 2nd degree burns on vacations.

  • DON’T assume your kids will eat on the plane/train or road-side restaurant. Take along sufficient snacks. Ziplock bags filled with a favourite dry cereal and granola bars are great.

  • DO take along some surprises for the travel time. New dollar store toys, crayons & paper, tattoos and puppets are fantastic treats.

  • DON’T get frustrated with the other parent as you travel. You are in this together. Communicate. Share. Ok – dictate if need be.

  • DO indulge in some electronic babysitting. Ignore the guilt just for today. A portable dvd player and/or music device are great tools to entertain the kids and give you a break.

  • DO enjoy extended family travel. It is great to combine a vacation with grandparents, cousins, etc... However, remember to take a time out for yourself and/or your little family.

  • DON’T abandon the home routine. If you travel with little ones – you really need to put your foot down and impose nap time, snack breaks, etc… Routine makes life easier – even on vacation.

  • Lastly, try to leave one chill out day at the end of your vacation to just “be” with your family. A chill out day allows your family to rest and re-connect together. We take one day – at home – to start the laundry and watch movies on the couch.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Expectant Dads Guide to the Hospital Bag

Posted by Mike Johnson on April 19, 2011

There is lots of literature out there about what moms should be thinking about, planning and preparing for when they go into labor, but there isn’t much out there for dads. If you’re planning on having your baby in a hospital, here are 10 things that an expectant dad should plan on having in the labor bag.

1. Toothpaste, Gum, and Mouthwash
When that baby is born there’s going to be lots of hugs and kisses at the hospital. With all the emotion we often forget about hygiene. But mom’s sense of smell is ridiculously heightened during pregnancy and she won’t react well to your dragon breath. For the sake of mom, make sure your kissy breath is minty fresh.

2. Camera, Video Camera (and chargers)
You might regret not documenting as much as you much as you feel comfortable with. Some guys will want the entire labor captured on film. Some will be to busy coaching on breathing or just trying to stay conscious. Whatever your comfort level, you’ll appreciate having those early moments of your child’s life documented.

3. Cell Phone (and charger)
You’ll want to obviously call the out of towners to let them know the new bundle has arrived. Your cell can also double as a gaming device for those sleepless overnights at the hospital.

4. Gatorade
Mom is the prize fighter in the ring, but you’re the emotional support and that work and experience can be draining. You’ll need to stay hydrated. Plus, Gatorade pairs nicely with the perfectly crushed ice chips offered in most labor wings of the hospital.

5. Your favorite t-shirt
Having a healthy baby is such a fantastic experience and so many pictures get snapped. Make sure you are representing yourself well in those pictures. If your a Chicago Bears fan, wear your favorite Bears shirt. Live for the moment!

6. Pillow
Hospitals have come a long way but, chances are, that hospital bed/couch isn’t going to be comfortable. You’re only going to get a few minutes of sleep those first couple nights anyway. Make them count.

7. Change of underwear
Similar to number 1. Don’t let your hygiene get lost in the emotion. You don’t want your baby coming into this world thinking Daddy stinks. Mom will appreciate it.

8. Your Resolve
During the experience, the hospital nurses can be your biggest allies. But sometimes, they get in their routine and that routine may not be perfectly aligned with mom’s expectations of a perfect birth experience. Part of your job is to ask a lot of questions, understand mom’s expectations and fight to make sure the hospital staff is taking mom’s experience into account.

9. A Book
Again, not much sleep happening those first couple nights in the hospital. Bring something to read. Anything.

10. A Gift for Mom
This one is often forgotten. The day a women gives birth is the biggest day. Ever. Blow it out. Make sure Mom is showered with gift when she leaves the hospital.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Child Perspire While Sleeping

If your child suffers from perspiring when he or she sleeps, the first thing to do is not panic. There are many natural and environmental reasons a child might perspire while sleeping. You should also discuss the matter with your doctor before you jump to conclusions or take any advice from online sources.

In this article, however, I will discuss three common medical reasons a child might suffer from sweating while sleeping. This isn't intended to replace a visit to your child's doctor; this is just to help you be more informed.

Tuberculosis Causes Sweating While Sleeping

While any infection or fever can cause children to suffer from sleep hyperhidrosis, one of the most common causes of severe, drenching perspiration in children and adults alike is tuberculosis (TB). Tuberculosis most often affects the lungs and may reduce a child's overall immune system, making him or her even more susceptible to other night perspiration triggering infections.

Hyperthyroidism Causes Sweating While Sleeping

If your son or daughter's small body is creating too a high a volume of thyroid hormones, than he or she may be suffering from hyperthyroidism. In addition to night sweating, symptoms of hyperthyroidism include unexplained weight loss and distinct lethargy. As always, if you suspect that your child may be suffering from this condition, please consult with your pediatrician.

Diabetes Causes Sweating While Sleeping

While I again encourage to not jump to conclusions, if your child is suffering from a very distinct, drenching night sweat, one disease you may consider is diabetes. Sweating at night is a common symptom of someone suffering from untreated or undiagnosed diabetes.

Infections Cause Perspiring At Night

Easily the most common among causes of sweating while sleeping in children are infections. Anytime your child's body attempts to fight off an infection by raising its core temperature and creating a fever, your child will likely suffer some degree of sweating at night.

This is because at the same time that his or her immune system is raising the body's core temperature to fight off the infection, the body's hypothalamus is trying to keep the body from overheating by triggering the sweat glands to cool it. This back and forth can escalate the body's perspiration to the point of drenching night sweats.

The most common sweat-causing infections in children tend to be sinus infections, strep throat, bronchitis or pneumonia. But sometimes even a bad cold can cause sleep hyperhidrosis.

Keep in mind that a majority of sweating while sleeping cases have an innocent trigger at their origin. So do not panic at the first sign of excessive sweating during the night. But it also behooves all parents to be empowered with greater knowledge and understanding of all the conditions that could affect the health and vitality of their children.

Do not assume your child has tuberculosis or diabetes, but do not assume he or she doesn't have them either. I hope this article helps you, but always discuss these matters with a qualified medical professional before treating your child, but stay informed to stay empowered.

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