Friday, March 4, 2011

The effect of govt CDA credits

I was glad that Government will give a Child Development Credit to all Singaporean children aged six and below in 2011, to help families with children to meet their expenses.

But it lasted only for exactly 2 weeks since it's announcement, 18 Feb 2011. Today, I received a letter from the child care centre my son attended. Guess what? an increase of school fees of $100 ($107 to be exact, cos of GST)

Government gives a one time $400 credit (max) to help family, and the other end taken away by child care centre. It's not even enough to pay for 1 year school fees increase ( $1200 per year).

The previous time when govt announce the increase in subsidy, the child care fees increased as well. I thought these are suppose to help family? The supposedly positive assistance has bring about more burden to the family...

What's more... imagine you've multiple kids in the child care centre. The increase in school fees multiply. So much about encouraging family to have more children, and encouraging mother to work. Unless, something is done to relieve the parents on the care giving, it's difficult to convince couple to have more kids.

Sigh.. with the rasing cost of child care centre, should i continue to work or is it better to stay at home with my kids...

Aside, i wonder how much are the teachers paid... i believe the school fees of 2 kids is more than enough to cover 1 teacher's salary. Indirectly, is the government is giving a big bonus to the owner of child care centre?

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