Monday, February 21, 2011

Teach Kids To Play The Recycle Way!

The everyday toy sets you buy on the store shelves are great, but imagine expanding them to be even more educational and interesting to your child. Use everyday recycled materials and objects with toys and educate your kid on the importance of environmental friendly.

If you incorporate recycle play with regular toys kids will learn to be inventive, creative and think green. So, the next time you pull out Legos, Matchbox or Playmobile, why not consider adding some recycle materials to the mix, as well as, throw in a lesson on Earth?

Check out the website below, it gives the tips on how to make use of everyday recycled materials and objects to make toys.

Planetpals Recycle Play

So long... Will need to see how to build a school for my kid's next week assignment. :P

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