Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bad Comms/Information from MCYS

I went to the bank today with my hubby, wanting to open a Children Development Account (CDA) for our son to receive the child development credits. We were rejected by the bank officers. They told us that there were no instructions from MCYS that we could just walk into one of the 2 designated banks and do so.

We were told that we would need a letter from MCYS to inform us that our son is eligible to open an account before they allow us to do so.

*Angry* It was not stated anywhere on their website that we need to wait for the letter. They only mentioned the following:

Where will the Credits be paid to?

The Child Development Credits will be paid into the Children Development Account (CDA). For those who do not currently have CDAs, they will be able to open the CDAs to receive their Credits.

Why don't they state so earlier. I am quite sure that many parents like us, must had faced with this inconvenience due to their poor communications to the public.

So, please all wait for the letter from MCYS before going to the any 2 designated banks to open the Children Development Account (CDA) for your kids.

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