Monday, January 3, 2011

Entering Childcare

My second son is turning 18 months, which is the min requirement age to enter the toddler class of a child care centre.

With his brother in the child care centre, he does have priority in enrolling into the toddler class for 2011.

However, to my surprise, the 2011 toddler class is full and my young one is 50th in the queuing list. My goodness! The principal mentioned that there is a 2 months old baby in the queue for the toddler class. I believe in no time, unborn baby will be in the queue.

In addition, it's not cheap to put the kids in child care. It's more expensive then sending him to a local university. But as working parents, do we have a choice? give up your work and be a stay at home mum?

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