Monday, January 24, 2011

Bad Experience at the Bata Store at Tiong Bahru Plaza

This Bata Store is located at Tiong Bahru Plaza #02-26/30. It seriously need to learn about customer service. Not only did we waited very long to be served, the salesgirl doesn't know much to help at all. It took awhile for her to locate the pair of shoes that we wanted for our son.

The cashier was equally incompetent. What really made us angry was the supervisor/boss/whoever!

We were going to pay when my son cried and said he doesn't want that pair of shoes anymore. So I told the cashier that we don't want it anymore, but he said 'Cannot! Already scanned into the system'. We were asked to pay. [I really regretted for not walking away... at this juncture] I asked for an exchange, and he say he would consult his supervisor.

The supervisor/boss/whoever! said that the shoes cannot be refunded but we were allowed to buy any other items and top up the remainder.

2 kind customers behind us overheard our conversation and offered to let us use the shoes to pay for their items, and they give us cash back. We were so thankful for their offer, and readily accepted it. The 1st kind customer got 2 pair of shoes for their kids as well. The supervisor said 'NO', as that pair of shoes got 20% discount! The second pair also cannot, as it is different. WTH? What happened to buy any other items and top up the remainder?

The supervisor/boss/whoever! also said that we cannot use the 2nd kind customer's item to top up. Not wanting to state any reasons. This is the typical superb customer service that Singapore has at a heartland mall. Not only were we angry, the 2 kind customers were equally baffled.

We are sure not going to patronize or go into the store again.

The same goes to the shop that is selling bags on the same floor. I always remember what the salesperson said loudly to himself: "See See Look Look also never buy". We head straight for the door, and never set a step into that shop too!

Good luck to those who shop there, hope you have a better encounter that we had today!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

last one to call, Mummy

When my elder son start to speaks, he managed to address/call everyone in the family correctly, except mummy. He used to call everyone else but not me. Then, he started to call me elmo. That's an improvement! better then nothing right?

As a mummy, i used to question myself always why me? when will he call "Mummy"?

And there comes but younger son. Same happens again. I've stopped being so paranoid about him not calling mummy. I know one day, he will.

Indeed, i'm the last one he call out to in the family. But no worries. Mummy still loves you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Entering Childcare

My second son is turning 18 months, which is the min requirement age to enter the toddler class of a child care centre.

With his brother in the child care centre, he does have priority in enrolling into the toddler class for 2011.

However, to my surprise, the 2011 toddler class is full and my young one is 50th in the queuing list. My goodness! The principal mentioned that there is a 2 months old baby in the queue for the toddler class. I believe in no time, unborn baby will be in the queue.

In addition, it's not cheap to put the kids in child care. It's more expensive then sending him to a local university. But as working parents, do we have a choice? give up your work and be a stay at home mum?