Saturday, September 25, 2010

Food Guide During Pregnancy (Part 2)

Drink 8 glasses of water a day to prevent constipation. Additional servings of fruits and vegetables a day is encouraged. Include whole grain in each meal and snack. Stay active everyday.

Limit your caffeine to 1 small cup of coffee or 2 cups of light tea a day. Reduce your intake of other sweetened beverages. Do not use artificial sweeteners such as saccharine and do not drink alcohol while you are pregnant

During pregnancy it may do you good to take multivitamin and mineral supplement that includes Vitamin D, iodine, iron, calcium and folic acid which is especially crucial within the first weeks of your unborn baby's development. Many dietary and herbal supplements are not safe during pregnancy, so a doctor's advice is advisable.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy weaken your immune system. So it is important that you give consideration to food handling especially meat, fish and poultry. Washing your hands before and after food preparation is a must. Eggs should be cooked until firm. Where possible, freshly cooked food is recommended.

You many be pregnant but that does not mean that your lifestyle has to change. Eating out can be even fun and interesting. Exercise caution and discipline when it comes to the amount you eat. Plan where you want to eat so that you have an option of grilled fish or meat, or steamed or fresh vegetables.

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