Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vitamins that all kids will love

As my son has entered child care center, i've been giving him the liquid form vitamin c supplement. It works well for him til recently that he rejected it. He has become picky on the food that he take. According to his teacher, it's a phase for kids at his age (2+).

Since then, i'm sourcing for alternatives and i come across multivitamins and supplements in gummy bears form (no artificial preservative, colour and flavourings). I bought a bottle and tried it prior to giving it to my son. It tastes like any other gummies, with less sugar. And my son love it! He even remember to ask from me every morning. I no longer need to constantly remind myself to give him the supplements!

I bought University Nutritions for Kids, Multi-vitamins from local store. to see how it looks like

3 Cheers!

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