Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gummy Bears Health Information

Squishy, soft, gummy (or gummi) bear candies have a consistency somewhere between a gumdrop and a jelly candy that is beloved by children (and adults) around the world.

Gummy bear candy-style multivitamin and mineral supplements are made with organic or conventional ingredients. Organic and natural brands may or may not be gelatin-free, but they contain natural colorings and flavors and are made with organic products similar to those in organic gummy candies.

Dental Health

A University of Washington study of 200 elementary schoolchildren, published in a 2008 edition of the journal BMC Oral Health, found that regular consumption of gummy bears made with with the sugar alcohols xylitol or maltitol, reduced the amount of bacteria in the mouth that contributes to plaque.

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