Tuesday, May 11, 2010

old folks sayings: never say your little one is healthy

This has been a really long, tiring and exhausting week.

After blogging that my son is healthy in the previous post, my son started to fall sick. cough, flu, fever... before he fully recover, another phase begin.

He was down with cough that morning, and we continue to send him to childcare thinking that it was tail cough, which the doctor has mentioned. When we picked him up in the evening, he was coughing very badly and we brought him to a doctor. His favorite doctor is off duty and consulted a locum. The locum doctor acts like a robot. no smile, not much of a word, just checked on him and out we are. Saying that it is cough and bit of flu... Once we reached home, my son's temperature keep escalating. Paracetamol has little effect on him. It didn't bring down him temperature after an hour. I gave him brufen and managed to bring his temperature down. Next 3 days, 24 hours per day repeats itself. sleepless nights, cranky son. Previously, his fever only come back at night. But this time, it's all day. On 4th day,still having fever, we bring him back to doctor as normal viral fever should subside in 3-4 days time.

He was given antibiotics and his temperature is back to normal. Thank Goodness. However, he started coughing badly, vomiting, choking by his phlegm Then refuse to drink water, no appetite in food... And the fever came back. We sent him to hospital for a thorough check up and he is diagnosed to be minor lung infection. Now, he is recovering.

Is this a reflection of the old folks saying? if you say that your little one is healthy, he/she will fall sick. Or is it a coincidence?

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