Monday, April 26, 2010

Sending son to in Childcare

Sending to my son to child care is a nightmare. But I've no option but to send him there the day he turn 18 months.

It started off with Separation Anxiety, crying to a few months when we dropped him off. Really can't bear to let him cry daily, especially when he cling on and cried "mummy mummy!!!" Many times, i hug and cried with him. Many times, i wanted to bring him home but was stopped by my husband and teachers.

Next, when he get used to the child care centre, there comes the illness... Sick continuously for 3 months plus. cough, flu, fever.. one after another. Before he recover from one, next virus got hold of him. He has seen many doctors, Pediatrician but non works. practically out of action from childlcare, but still paying school fees. Then I get him on a routine of Fish oil, initially he still willing to take it, but not for long. Then on vitamin C for below 2yrs. Luckily he love it. Slowly, he recovered. and now he is healthy most of the time.

Then here comes hand foot mouth disease. My son didn't experience the symptoms, he is healthy jumping and running. But he bring the virus back home and infected my husband. We only realised that he is the carrier when his feet started to peel like my husband's feet. We need to isolate my husband, and sanitised everything. I borrowed the sanitiser and cleaning liquid from child care center. Thanks a tons to the principal of child care centre for lending us all types of liquid and santiser they have in the centre.! Even though so, my kids and I moved out of our house till my husband recovered. Poor hubby...

However all the above, I'm still glad that I've sent him to child care. I can see that he has progressed significantly, from speech to play, being more independent, etc.


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