Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fell down when 32 weeks pregnant

When I 32 weeks pregnant, I slipped and fell on my tummy. I was alone on my way to MRT station. Luckily, 2 helpful ladies helped me up and managed to find a place to sit. Thanks alot for comforting and supporting me, ladies.

I felt ok after some rest, and continued my journey. To have some assurance that my baby was ok, I walked in to KK hospital Women's clinic. I was directed to the Delivery Suite as I'm 32 weeks pregnant. After staying there for about 2 hrs on CTG, the doctor wanted to admit me as I was having constant contraction every 2 minutes. They need to monitor and stopped it, incase i went into premature labour.

I didn't expect the seriousness as I didn't feel the contraction or pain. I thought they were just foetus movement, apparently i'm wrong. As my gynae was in Gleneagles, i didn't admit to KKH but went to Gleneagles instead.

I was on CTG again and on drips to stop my contraction. I was given jabs as well to speed up the lungs development of foetus. That injection hurts. It took me almost 5 hours in the 1st stage monitoring labour ward to stop the contraction and was admitted for 2 days (total bed rest). Subsequently, i was advised to rest at home for 2 weeks.

Luckily, my baby is fine now, and i hope that he will be borned a full term baby. Now i'm in my 34 weeks of pregnancy. A few more weeks to go, my dear. Please stay within me til full term.

Lesson learnt:
1) Better be safe then sorry, and never take things for granted.
2) Difference between contraction and foetal movements. When having contractions, the entire tummy will harden, whereas during foetal movements it only affects part of the tummy.