Saturday, April 25, 2009

Encounter at the lift lobby (Singapore)

I really had to comment on this. Just now we were at the lift lobby of our place, while I was carrying quite a handful of stuffs and my husband was carrying our little son sleeping. We were there waiting for the lift to come. Then came along a woman in her mid 40s. She squeezed in front to the lift that is coming down to level 1. She gets in the moment the lift door opens, and we were shocked that she keeps pressing on the door close button. The lift door slammed on to my husband, and luckily he managed to use his body on the door sensors to open the door. The inconsiderate woman did not apologize and looked away. If our son was not sleeping, my husband and I was sure to give her a piece of our mind.

Why would this happen in our so called fine city? First the encounter in the MRT, and now this encounter. Why is it that our people are being so inconsiderate? I am pregnant, you know?

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