Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bathing & Toiletries

  • Bath tub
  • Bath mat (optional)
  • Towels - big one for body and small ones for face
  • Wash cloth
  • Natural sponge (Pigeon) (optional)
  • Baby bath and shampoo (Mustela, Gerber , Johnson head to toe wash)
  • Baby oil (Johnsons)
  • Baby moisturiser (Johnsons)
  • Baby powder (Kodomo)
  • Nail scissors with rounded tip (Pyo Pyo)
  • Wet wipes (Tollyjoy, Pigeon)
  • Alcohol wipes for umbilical cord (cord spirit may be provided by hospital)
  • Sterilised cotton wool/ballsCotton buds (small ones)
  • Powder container and puff (Pigeon)
  • Small dish container for dipping cottonballs
  • Hair brush and comb (Pigeon)
  • Tummy binder (Tollyjoy)

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